Brief Success Story of Jaquar Bathroom Accessories

jaquar bathroom

jaquar bathroom

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Jaquar is the well-known company that produces jaquar bathroom accessories and basically other bathroom fittings and solutions, in this article we will review a bit about the jaquar company. Long story short they are very famous, with worldwide marketshare across the eurasia. They are however yet to reach America, but soon with their intensive growth and financing ability. They may soon reach the US.  In terms of products they make almost all bathing supplies and tools, such as bathtub, steam cabin, shower enclosure, spas, saunas, faucets, sanitaryware, washroom accessories such as sink, decorative mirrors and stands.  Jaquar also spans to other products like LED lamp, and heating equipment.  It’s a very large company.
The history and overview of the Jaquar
Jaquar is the brand of the Jaquar company group. It's currently growing as one of the fastest and highly diversified company in the world that produces bathing equipment.  It has presence in more than 30 countries across the globe. Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle eastern nations. The annual turnover of the company is in excess of 2100 crores, and rising.  Jaquar bathroom accessory is now the leading company in bath fitting category, occupying over 60% of the market. It has long history dated back to 1960's.
The founder of Jaquar group was Shri N.L. Mehra. A. Back in 1960's when he established the company. His aim was to produce the platform unrivaled in standards of quality, with sparkling aesthetics and world class initiative.  Everything however must start from small things. Jaquar was first occupying the utilitarian sector. Jaquar later transformed into inspirational massive brand, which caters to various segment of bathing solutions. 
Today, Jaquar claimed to be the most trusted brand in bath fitting. With over five millions of satisfied customers per year, they also king of Google with most searches in bathing brands, other than Kohler. 
Locally in India, jaquar bathroom accessories considered as super brand out of 2000 brands. It stays at top 5% most recognized brand with maximum customer awareness
Currently the group has produced and delivered over than one million of bathroom solutions with over 22 million fittings per year.  Jaquar company  has constantly strive to create value and to exceed the customer's expectations in quality, delivery time while retaining high cost effectiveness. Innovation in product design and development are paramount in Jaquar. Supported with procurement of various advanced and cutting edge machinery for jaquar bathroom accessories research and development. In terms of manpower. jaquar employs over 6374 employee in its massive production force that spanned across the globe.
In india jaquar bathroom accessories network is known for the widest in distribution and very responsive.  With a force of 770 professional and highly trained customer care technicians.  The forces attends up to 600.000 customers, for any kinds of consultation or product maintenance.  
In terms of production plant, Jaquar has about four state of the art manufacturing plant located in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. The plant spanned over 150,000 square meters; make it known as one of the largest industrial complex in Asia.  The complex live up its sophistication with its cutting edge manufacturing equipment and with initiative to deliver superior jaquar bathroom accessories and other bathing products that are long lasting and beautiful. 
Jaquar bathroom accessories group's plant also strictly adheres to global quality and environmental concern specification. With zero waste plant recycling center that capable of recyling 150,000 litres of water per day and over 11,680 metric tonnes of brass. The industrial complex also have green power source, arrays of solar panels capable of generating over 2.6 Megawatt of electricity from solar energy. 


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